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Medical Malpractice

Doctors are extremely important to our society today. They help us when we’re most in need and often when we’re at our most vulnerable. Unfortunately not all medical professionals are always looking out for our best interest, even when they seem as if they’re trustworthy. 

In some cases, patients who depend upon their advice and expertise can be seriously injured by the negligence of a doctor. 

This is what’s called medical malpractice, and unfortunately, it can come in many forms. 

This type of malpractice can result in:

  • Birth Injury 
  • Brain Injuries 
  • Delayed Treatment
  • Prescription Drug Error 
  • Misdiagnosis etc.

Over the years this has become a serious problem, as our populations grow and virus/disease becomes more prevalent, we depend on our medical help more than ever. 

Medical malpractice is a problem that claims thousands of American lives every year and causes countless other serious pain and injury. 

My Injury Lawyers can provide you the tools you need, educate you about medical malpractice, and connect you with a licensed attorney in your area. We treat victims with the respect they deserve, and get you a lawyer that will address your case with conviction and integrity

Looking for a lawyer with decades of experience and a track record of success?

Well, you have come to the right place.

My Injury Lawyers helps victims nationwide, but will be sure to connect you with a lawyer that is licensed and local to your area. Whether it be a simple case of misdiagnosis, or a complex multifaceted case, you can be sure you’re in good hands. 

In addition to over 5 billion dollars being recovered for victims, we have seen some of the most substantial medical malpractice results in the country. 

These include: 

  • 75 million dollar settlement for a brain-damaged minor
  • 63 million dollar settlement for a birth injury in California 
  • 30 million dollar verdict for medical malpractice due to failure to treat
  • 100 million dollar settlement for medical malpractice in New York

If you suspect that you or a loved one has suffered an injury as a result of medical malpractice, there is no downside to speaking to a lawyer. 

Our consultations are quick, easy, and absolutely FREE. We also keep your information confidential so you can rest easy knowing these are people you can trust. 

Keep in mind…

There are very strict time limits to pursuing a lawsuit for medical malpractice. This is why you must talk to a lawyer now so that a lawyer can help you with the following:

  • Protect your rights at all costs.
  • Have the time necessary to obtain medical records.
  • Locate all witnesses.
  • Discuss your specific situation with medical experts.

What Exactly Qualifies as Medical Malpractice? 

The laws governing malpractice claims, and the challenges of negotiation (or litigating) fair settlements or verdicts are extremely complex. 

Medical malpractice, like other matters, is dependent on science and the facts.

To the untrained eye…

What can be seen as medical malpractice may not actually qualify as malpractice under the law. Especially when there are inherent risks to obtaining treatment. 

There are no guarantees that patients will be satisfied with medical results, but still when patients suffer harm due to substandard care and failures to meet legal duties there may still be a valid case for a lawsuit. 

The key element here is proving negligence

Negligence involves the failure to use reasonable care, or the same degree of care that a reasonable person would advise under similar or past circumstances. 

With ample experience in the areas of negligence, you can rest easy that your personal injury lawyer will make the right decisions when it can feel like everything is at stake.

Who Can You Sue? 

Depending on the individual facts, a victim can bring these types of lawsuits to a variety of different parties. 

These can include: 

  • A Negligent Doctor
  • A Nurse or Physician’s Assistant 
  • Anesthesiologist 
  • Medical Groups

A skilled attorney will be able to help you determine the defendants that should be named in your claim. It is CRITICAL to note that whether it be a solo practitioner or a major medical group…

Defendants will want to protect their bottom line, as well as their reputation. 

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Medical malpractice claims are among the most challenging “torts” in the civil justice system, and demands a great deal of experience from a lawyer to effectively resolve. 

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